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The Robotanist

Feb 2nd 2009
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It’s been a while since I bought this t-shirt, but I think it still bears talking about as it features two of my favourite things — robots and sentient plants.

The plants attack

It’s unclear who has the upper hand in this shirt. Maybe the robot is just a gardener trying to trim back his garden. Maybe he was just taking a stroll when the plants attacked him. Maybe he’s some juvenile delinquent robot who just likes setting fire to things. Whatever the case, it makes for a nice t-shirt.

The thing I love most about this t-shirt though is the incredibly fine printing. It’s not something that came across in the photos on Uneetee’s site, but the printing really is fantastic. The design is made up of hundreds of individual strokes, resulting in an image that feels both old and new at the same time. The fact that the design isn’t made up of large blocks of colour also means that it breathes nicely during the summer. Not much of a problem this week, with all the snow that’s falling, but it’s good to know nonetheless.

The Robotanist” is available from Uneetee for $18.99 and is printed on a dark green American Apparel shirt. It’s sold out if you’re an extra large man like me, but there are still a few available for everyone else.

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