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Beware of Beard

Jun 15th 2008
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I bought this shirt a few months ago now, when I was in the full flow of not shaving for Bearduary. The world was good, my life was happy, but my beard was starting to take on a life of its own – it had to be stopped!

Beware of Beard TriptychBeware of Beard” is a full frontal print. It’s big, and takes up the entire front of the t-shirt. But it’s cool. Raise it up over the lower half of your head and you can pull faces, and people will never know whether you’re sporting hair or not. This t-shirt tells the world that beards aren’t to be trusted, and if you see one you should run away, fast. Either that or stroke it. I’m not sure which.

This is the first shirt that I’ve bought from turn nocturnal, and it’s a good’un. The print has a high quality rubbery feel to it, and is printed on a Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirt. My only (very minor) gripe is the postcard-sized Turn Nocturnal logo on the back of the shirt, but even that’s not that obtrusive.

Given the fact that I love this shirt, it’s a pity that Turn Nocturnal don’t have anything else in their selection that really inspires me. I’m sure a lot of people would love Puctuation and sans-serif, but they just don’t do it for me.

Beware of Beard” is currently available from Turn Nocturnal for $10 and it’s printed on a dark red Gildan Heavy Cotton shirt. Unfortunately only small sizes are still available, but you could always ask them to reprint – it couldn’t hurt. Yarr.

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