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The Mondays

Apr 11th 2008

Is it wrong to wear this t-shirt on a friday? Probably, but since it only arrived today that’s when I’m wearing it.

To Do:Ian Brock has pitched this t-shirt from Uneetee at just the right level. I’m sure that all of you out there who work in an office have taken to doodling on post-it notes whilst on the phone at one point of other. Most of you won’t have theorised about brutally murdering your workmates, sure, but I bet a lot of you have come close at one point or another. And for you Office Space fans out there, the design even includes what looks like a red swingline stapler. In fact, pretty much the whole t-shirt is an Office Space reference, isn’t it?

The Mondays” is available on a slate grey American Apparel t-shirt from Uneetee and costs $17.99. Probably best not to wear it to work though.

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  1. So awesome. I may have to get oneā€¦

  2. And then wear it on your last day at work?

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