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Teenage Mutant Ninja 80s Reference

Apr 8th 2008
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Ah, the 80s. Weren’t they great? Rubik’s Cubes, and power suits and Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were awesome. Of course, in the UK some of the awesome got removed when the word “Ninja” had to be replaced by “Hero”, but that’s just being picky. The Turtles were truly awesome, and become a marketeer’s wet dream.

Teenage Mutant Ninja 80s ReferenceSo, when the Teenage Mutant Ninja 80′s Reference became available from Diesel Sweeties, I had to get one for Becca. Paul Southworth‘s design lovingly pays homage to the logo from the 1980s TV show and has me bundled up with nostalgia every time I see it. The print has a nice rubbery feel to it, and the colour is as vibrant as you’d expect from Diesel Sweeties tees.

Teenage Mutant Ninja 80′s Reference is printed on a green (what else would it be?) American Apparel t-shirt and is available from Diesel Sweeties for $18.00. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in women’s sizes any more, but you do get to buy it as a men’s Hanes t-shirt if you’re not a fan of American Apparel.

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