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How not to get caught

Mar 23rd 2008
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First of, you’ll have to be pretty damn lucky to get hold of this t-shirt. Sorry. This is the second time that I’ve managed to get hold of it though, from completely different places each time, so you might be lucky.

How not to get caughtThe first time I bought this was way back in 2003 when I was working in Plymouth. I picked it up at a Peacocks for goodness sake. That version was printed on a pretty cheap, thin, grey tee but the design was enough for me to get past that. Rightly so too, I think. It’s one of the designs that’s got most comments from random people over the years. Anyway, because of the cheapness of the shirt, it died pretty quickly, and I was without my flying monkeys until some point last year, when a friend found me a replacement on ebay! Hoorays.

The current version is so much nicer than the first one in so many ways. It’s a fairly heavy Tennesse River shirt, bright red, and is a two colour print with a couple of places letting the main shirt colour through for effect.

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One Comment

  1. Rizzo

    That’s a great design

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